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2023 CMSA Fall Saturday Club Travel - Boys

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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Spring registration will open on January 1st & close on February 15th 2024.

All spring games will be scheduled on Sundays.

end of March thru the end of May.

Additional information will be sent out to:

all coaches/managers & Program Chairpersons

the 1st week of December.

Thursday, November 9, 2023


Only, those teams that finish in 1st place (Champions)

will receive Individual Player Awards.

2nd place teams will be marked as Runner UP/Finalists on the website.

 1st place teams that want to pick up their awards contact Mike Agudelo

1st place teams that are attending the Blast game are required to contact the

Blast office to orded tickets.



Sunday, September 3, 2023

In case of inclement weather, all coaches/managers need to check this page (New News Page) on Saturday morning before their game.

The programs that supply the league with fields must notify us if their fields are not playable by 7:00am if they have morning games. & 10:00 am if they have afternoon games.

With this policy in place it is almost impossible to get in touch with over 400 teams to let them know that their game has beed cancelled.

This is why it is important for all coaches/managers to check this CMSA Home Page to see if the field that your game is scheduled on is cancelled. With the current policy in place, we can not cancel your game on the schedule page. 

We are working on a new website. It should be active in the fall. The new website should make things easier to contact coaches/managers/teams with contact info., cancellations, make up games etc.


CMSA Board of Directors 



Monday, August 28, 2023

Fall League games are posted.

If your team can not play any scheduled game you will need to Cancel your game & follow the

Canceled Game schedule information posted under the Forms Tab #5 & #18.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Coaches & Managers; Please note the following policies:

All League schedules must be reviewed on a weekly basis for any changes,

If your team can not play the posted game, then you must contact your League Commissioner immediately and have the game cancelled.

The canceling team will be responsible to contact their opponet and arrange to have the game rescheduled.  All rescheduled games must be sent in to your league commisioner.  Follow the revised instruction posted under the FORMS TAB #5, & #13

We can not change game times because of the shortage of fields & referees.  If you cancel your game there will be Fees charged to your team. Follow the procedures on how to make up the game as posted on the CMSA website under the FORMS TAB #5, #13


Tournament Registration Info.   

All teams that are planning to participate in CMSA Tournaments, will need to check and make sure their team is listed on the CMSA tournament page as required.  If your team is not listed then you have not registered & paid your fees through Stone Alley as required.