The Central Maryland Soccer Association was created to promote the sport of soccer "as a complete entity." We believe that all teams and organizations, no matter on what level (recreation travel or club), deserve to be recognized and their participants represented equally. The CMSA recognizes the autonomy of all soccer organizations and their right to choose where they would like to affiliate. The CMSA will operate under an "open" membership policy recognizing all reciprocating USSF affiliates.


SAY Team Affiliation


The new SAY on line Registration Information is now posted on the CMSA website under the Forms Tab #7 (SAY & US Club Affiliation Procedures).

Teams affiliating through SAY will need to contact their program/club designated SAY Point Person.  Please note; if your organization has three or more teams affiliating through SAY, then a point person has been designated by your program.  If your organization has two or less teams affiliating; then those teams will need to follow the instructions posted in forms section under #7 on this website.

If you are having problems with the SAY affiliation process, contact Brian Begley directly at the SAY National Office by either email ( bbegley@SaySoccer.org ) or phone ( 1-800-233-7291 X1111 ).  

After submitting and receiving your paperwork back from SAY; you will need to take it to your assigned CMSA Registrar to be processed and stamped for league play.

When paying for the SAY Affiliation (Certified Bank, Money Order or Program/Club checks only) need to be made payable to CMSA and given to the Registrar when you pick up your cards and roster. Only teams from programs/clubs that are pre-approved to pay with one check DO NOT pay when you picking up their paperwork.




Regardless of the length and width variations in the 7v7 field US Soccer recommendations, the goal box 12 yards deep by 24 yards wide.  The build out line is to be installed (sideline to sideline) an equal distance between the center line and the top of the penalty area.

Updated policy information regarding CMSA 7v7 play and the use of the Build Out Line is posted in the Forms section of this site.

The following is a diagram for a 60 yard by 40 yard 7v7 field:

Fall 2017 Age Chart


When teams are placing themselves into the Fall Age Group your teams Age Group is based on the oldest players Birth Year. Teams need to follow the Age Chart for the 2017-2018 Season.

Registered Teams


After you submit your Fall Team Application your team will be placed on the schedule page under the day and age group that you selected.

If you team is not posted on the website within 3 days after submitting contact your League Commissioner.

Bye request and Field Allociation Forms need to be submitted by July 31.

Fall 2017 League Team Registration


As of 6/13/17 the League Team Registration Form is now posted.

League & Referee fees for the fall 2017 league is posted under the LEAGUE Tab & FORMS Tab. Click on the League Tab then Fall 2017, or click on the Forms tab and the fees are posted under Registration Procedures.

Coaches/Mangers will need to read the TEAM PLACEMENT Policy that is posted under the FORMS Tab #1 before you submit your Team Registration Form. 

Teams should NOT get their fall Rosters & ID Cards until August 1st. If you do them now they will expire on July 31st 2017.

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Tournament Information

Upcoming tournaments sponsored by CMSA:

  •  Parkville Labor Day Tournament - September 2nd - 3rd in Baltimore County - Parkville, MD                                                                                                                        (Registration closes on August 18th)
  • Columbus Weekend Soccer Classic - October 7th - 8th, 2017 in Carroll County, MD

Registration opens July 3rd and closes on September 22nd 

  • Thanksgiving Soccer Cup
  • Holiday Indoor Shoot-Out

 For more info regarding C.M.S.A. events; visit the Tournament section of this website


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