Monday, May 9, 2022

Please Note: The last league scheduled game for this spring season is on Sunday, May 22nd.  All current un-played games can be rescheduled and played on any day of the week (Monday thru Sunday) as long as there is no conflict with any current league scheduled game on Sundays.

The re-scheduling process must be initiated as soon as possible to ensure that all games are played and completed by Sunday, May 22nd.  Initial contact between the teams should be made via telephone to ensure a timely responce.

The authorized representative(s) of each team must come to an agreement regarding the location, date and time for the rescheuled game to take place before contacting the league to record the rescheduled date and assign referees.

If your game is not played and made-up by Sunday, May 22nd; it will then be listed as "Not Played" and will not be included in the final standings.