CMSA League Score Reporting
Thursday, April 12, 2018

Begining with the games being played on April, 15th:

If your score is not reported by the MONDAY following your game, the winning team will be charged $25.00 to post the score for the game

If your score is not reported within 10 days of the game being played then it will NOT get posted.

The winning team; and both teams involved in any game that finished as a tie must report their scores by Monday Evening. 

All scrimmage Games will be posted as a 3-0 loss to the team responsible for the game being classified as a scrimmage.  

Scores need to be reported to your Assigned Scorekeeper as posted under Contacts.

The scorekeepers work Full Time at their normal jobs. They work for CMSA on Sunday Evening, Monday Evening and then post scores either on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.  This is not their FULL TIME Jobs and are not payed to sit around & check their email 24/7 to get you scores.

If your score is not emailed to them by Monday Evening then it will not get POSTED