CMSA League Rosters & ID Cards
Saturday, November 25, 2017

 All Protests must come from the COACH of the team protesting.

Rosters & ID Cards need to be checked by the COACH or MANAGER. It is NOT the responsiblty of the Officials to check ID Cards. The Officials must check the (Roster Only) to make sure that it is Stamped for CMSA league play. The roster needs to have the Silver League Sticker, Expiration Date & Stamped by a Registrar. If the roster is not completed than the game needs to be reported as a Scrimmage Game. The referees will oversee the ID Check if the teams want to check the ID cards. Scrimmage games will be officiated by the Referees. 

Rosters & ID Cards are to be checked during check in. Any & all late arriving players players CAN NOT enter game until their ID Card has been checked and matches the teams (CMSA Stamped & Approved League Roster). This must be performed by the team managers. The team manager must take the player and their ID Card & team roster to the oppnents Manager for approval before half time is over.

This policy is and has been posted on the CMSA website in the forms section as #3 Standard Game Rules.