CMSA League Approved Rosters
Sunday, November 26, 2017

 All league rosters (US Club or Soccer Association for Youth) must by stamped and signed off on by a C.M.S.A. Registrar. All rosters need to be checked at each game to make sure that it has been stamped for (League Play). If teams want to go one step further and check ID Cards they will need to do that at the team check in. If the roster does not have the (CMSA Silver Sticker) than the game becomes a league scrimmage game. This policy is posted on the CMSA website in the Forms section (Standard Game Rules) #3.

Officials are required to check the Team Rosters to verify that the game can be played as a League Approved Game

Coaches/Managers need to check the ID Cards if the teams want to do that part of the check in.